BuildApp is a management platform created for contractors\entrepreneurs and their tenants involved in construction projects.
The app's mission is to support the management of tenants while helping them feel secure and calm.

My role: UX/UI design.

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Main problem

Construction projects are long and complicated and often take years to complete. The communication between the tenants and the contractor is minimal which creates numerous problems for both sides.

The problem's consequences


Delays or even project cancellation

Waste of resources and time

Greater chances for lawsuits


Feelings of uncertainty and fear

Disagreements with other tenants

Disagreements with contractor

Process page

The process of the project is assembled from all the stages of the project. The tenants benefit greatly when the process is transparent, so this screen helps the contractor keep the tenants updated and calm.

Comfortable chat
side by side with work

There are a lot of actions that take place during a conversation with a tenant. So when the contractor initiate the chat, it will minimize the screen he was already on, making the actions of getting the information of the tenant for example, extremely easy.

Tenants details page

Chat with minimised tenants details page

Tasks from tenants page

The contractor can add tasks in relation to specific tenants, comment about the tasks, set a dead-line and mark tasks as urgent. He can also transform tenants messages to tasks. This way no request gets lost.

Tenants' list page

The tenants list is categorized by floors and sub-parcels
for the convenience of the contractor.

The Tenants' app

The tenant’s app provides the tenant with relevant information, as well as support and updates.
This ensures that the tenants stays calm and secure during the course of the project.

Details and professionals page

Project Process page

Stage information page

Notifications page

Shared documents page

Chat page

Design concept
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