Angels is a social app created for trainers and their trainees.
The app's mission is to increase motivation and persistent of trainees.
My role: UX design.

Main problem

It’s hard for trainees to persist

The problem's consequences


Customer loss

Financial loss


Sense of helplessness

Frequent change of trainers

Giving up on personal goals

It starts with a personal plan...

The personal plan is a necessary factor for commitment and persistence, visualising the trainee's progress and goals. Smart triggers and notifications support trainee's commitment to their goals.

The social element

The social factor is proven to be one of the strongest sources of motivation,
and is a core principle conveyed throughout "Angels".

The social element and the trainee merge across three main themes:

1. The Angel & You

The Angel is a person who supports the trainee by offering motivation and help as needed. The Angel is either another trainee of the same trainer, or a friend.

Each trainee has only one Angel. Being an Angel is mutual, every user is his own Angel's Angel.


Angeling is a process by which the Angel watches the progress and achievements of his trainee and takes action in order to motivate the trainee. The Angeling process is composed of suggestions for actions based on academic principles for persistence.

2. The Trainer & You

Trainers have their own version of Angeling, providing trainees with motivational escort along their progress.

3. Community & You

The Motivate page contains everything that inspires trainees so they can reach their goals, from success stories of their friends, to motivational videos of the community's trainers and trainees.

Any of your friends, and trainees of the same trainer as yours, can do a basic form of Angeling - And you can do the same.

Surround yourself with motivation

In the Received page, the trainee gets updates about actions and comments made by friends and other trainees. This serves as a central place to reflect all the support the trainee received so far.

Trainer's side of the app
Everything a trainer needs to create persistence...

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